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International Interdisciplinary Artists Consortium and Moving Arts Lab in Western Massachusetts

Deborah invited back for the 3rd time to participate in the International Interdisciplinary Artists Consortium (IIAC) and to teach and perform at the Moving Arts Lab (MAL) in Western Massachusetts. August 18 - 25.

Becoming Known: An experiment in creating from text

Everyone brings a text - original, prose, poem, play - something asking to be worked with and/or known more intimately. We work slowly to connect with our bodies and voices. We open up to watch and listen to each other, receiving words and actions. We loosen our hands to write from our bodies, from our experience. We enter into the unknown to create. What do the words tell us? What do we need to communicate? Maybe a song, a painting, a dance, a piece of theatre, an essay, or something we can’t yet know.

The Six Viewpoints 

Originated by dancer/choreographer, Mary Overlie, The Viewpoints deconstruct the materials used in performance: space, time, shape, emotion, story, and movement, opening up their infinite possibilities. This workshop will include a brief introduction to the theoretical framework of the Viewpoints as well as taking a closer look at the materials through improvisation and experimentation.

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